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As elevators age recurring repairs and shut downs are a sign that your elevator may need a modernization. Aging equipment becomes more difficult to support do to the lack of spare parts availability, difficulty getting electrical schematics and ongoing code changes.
Upgrading your equipment is the best way to significantly improve the safety, reliability and efficiency of your conveyance system(s). Modern systems reduce energy consumption, improve traffic handling capabilities and increases the value of your building or residential property. Chriss elevator has the experience and resources to provide the most appropriate and latest technologies to optimize the results of your modernization.
Chriss elevator only uses high quality equipment when performing modernizations. We use only non proprietary control systems and equipment. This enables any qualified elevator company to maintain your equipment. We believe using non- proprietary equipment is most important factor an owner should consider for long term maintenance expenses. Companies that use their own proprietary equipment require special tools to maintain their equipment. These proprietary tools are generally not available to other elevator companies; this often leaves the building owner with only one service company choice and drives up service and repair costs.
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